Mohair yarn from angora goats raised on Mayne Island, B.C.. Natural fibre naturally dyed. Complete knitting kits available.
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Mohair is a natural luxury fibre famous for both its sheen and its durability. It takes dyes exceptionally well and, in addition, has fire resistant properties!

Cashmere is fine, light, soft and strong. To be classed as cashmere the fibre has to meet certain criteria set by the industry. The name is the spelling the English used in the 18th and early 19th centuries for the area in the Himalayas known as Kashmir.

Both mohair and cashmere are hairs rather than wools.

Natural hand dyed yarns

At the time of writing, March 2016, not enough cashmere has yet been harvested for processing but that will change very soon. De-haired cashmere will be available for spinners at a price yet to be determined.

Hatake Yarns mohair is available as raw fleece, spun yarn, washed curls (for crafters) and occasionally rovings. The raw mohair is spun at either the Gulf Islands Spinning Mill on nearby Salt Spring Island or Custom Woolen Mills in Alberta It is usually spun as a two-ply sport weight yarn blend of 80% mohair, 20% wool.

Skeins of spun yarn are available in their natural colour (white) or dyed with natural materials, many of which are grown and/or gathered on Mayne Island. Some of the native and garden plant materials used are: scotch broom, arbutus bark, salal berry, blackberry, walnut husks, apple leaves, asparagus, pokeweed, black hollyhock, marigold, coreopsis, some mushrooms, etc. Other natural dyes not available in our region are purchased in Vancouver at Maiwa Handprints Ltd. Over time these natural colours may intensify or fade, celebrating the colours and vagaries nature has to offer.

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